In Touch Promotions, now In Touch Solutions, was started by Donna Saliter, MBA, after 10 years in the nonprofit sector and 15 years in the for-profit sector, to solve two problems entrepreneurs and fundraisers have: lack of time and lack of money. She started a development consulting firm in 2008 and in 2010 began to help clients with their email and social media marketing needs.

In 2012 Donna met Sue Surdam of Artizon Digital on LinkedIn and they partnered to become consultants who build WordPress websites and offer their exclusive backup and security plan, WP Scrub. Today they offer a new service called Branded Blogcasts to help small business owners fill their blog pages easily and less expensively.

Donna has worked with a variety of developers throughout the years to create websites that set our clients apart. Over the years, In Touch Solutions has helped over 60 clients with their website, social media and email marketing needs. Today, the In Touch Solutions team specializes in website development, working with developers to backup and update their client sites, content writing, and enduring SEO.

Artizon Digital┬áis a Portland, Oregon-based company specializing in WordPress websites and design. Sue’s design career was based in costume design until the day she picked up a mouse and started using Photoshop to create her costume renderings.

Sue has been building websites on the WordPress platform since 2007. Artizon Digital’s broad client base ranges from a high profile political figure to a local business coach. The company’s specialty is adding functionality to WordPress to suit each client’s unique needs. Google WebMaster Tools and Analytics, YouTube video production.

Ms. Birdie is the mascot of In Touch Solutions. She was created in honor of Donna’s grandmother, Grandma “Ms. Birdie” Dunn, a great grandmother who loved to keep “in touch” with us all. When a bird sings, it starts with a chirp and ends with a shout out to the world. So too, when a person or organization has an idea, it starts out small, but can grow and develop from a concept into a hugely successful venture. How will you keep in touch with the world? Phone us at 860-671-0499 or email