Ever lose all the content in a blog post you wrote, or worse, ever lose your website? Building a new website is only the first step in a long journey between you and your clients. You must keep the website backed up on a regular basis. All of our clients are placed on our WP-Scrub plan for at least one year after the initial website build. Visit our dedicated WP-Scrub website for more information.

Pre-Website Build Routine
Actual Website Build
Your Very Own Website Reveal

I want you to build me a website from scratch. Where do we start?

It may seem like a daunting task to you, but we love to build websites from scratch! And we make it fun for you. Here is the system we use:

Pre-Website Build Routine

Before we begin building your new website-from-scratch, we will together:

  1. Fill out your personal Online-Presence Self-Assessment Tool and New Client Information Form.
  2. Meet via conference call to chat about your organization.
  3. Look for “dream” websites and share them with each other.
  4. Create a calendar with deadlines.
  5. Gather all written, image, video and audio content.

Pre-Website Build Routine

Do you have a logo? Font? Colors? What are you trying to tell the world? What is your organizational culture and personality? In the “pre-website build ” routine, we discuss your organization and what you need from a website.

NOW can we build me a website from scratch?

The moment we’ve been waiting for! Here are the next steps in your new website build. This is where we make your new website come to life:

Actual Website Build

  1. Create a “mock-up” new website home page. Review and sign off.
  2. Keyword all written, image, video and audio content.
  3. Build the website. This is a “quiet” period for the client as we take about 4 weeks.
  4. Install and activate all plugins.
  5. Upload content.
  6. Apply our exclusive “Enduring SEO” method to the website.

Actual Website Build

This stage takes a lot of work. We synthesize all the information we discussed about your organization with your new written, image, video and audio content. We then build a comprehensive and fabulous website that showcases your organizational culture to your visitors. Be prepared to give your input on deadline! (Or Sue will have my head 🙂 )

Time to reveal your new “website from scratch”

This is the final stage of building your new WordPress website. We have gathered all the content, applied Enduring SEO, built your site and added all the bells and whistles. And now the final touches:

Your very own “Website Reveal”

  1. Meet and reveal your new “test site.”
  2. Take some time to review the entire site.
  3. Discuss and make changes.
  4. Sign off on final.
  5. Launch and celebrate!

Your very own “Website Reveal!”

Our favorite part of building a website from scratch is hearing the client say, “I love it!” Once we reach the website reveal stage, you will already know what your website looks like. Now you get to play with it…

Let's Get Started

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