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Executive Assistance Focused on Your Customers

Are you losing customers or prospects because you don't get back to them promptly? Do you need to regain Superhero status with your customers? Are you trying to hire an assistant but can't find anyone?

Look no more! Maximize your ability to support your customers. Hire more than an assistant. Hire a Superhero.

Need Help with Your Superhero Status?

No matter what industry you're in, YOU are a Superhero to your customers!

You take care of their needs no matter what. You've seen them through good times and bad. They've been loyal to you over the years and decades. You and your customers are well connected.

Are your customers waiting to hear from you today? This week? In general? It's a very daunting task to reach out to your best customers unless you have dedicated personnel. And it's one of the most important things you need to do for your company.

Let us be your Superhero personnel dedicated to your customers.

What's Included in Superhero Customer Support?

Click on the plus signs below to read more about each available service:

Regular phone calls to your customers

Our Superheroes will phone your customers on your behalf to share the communications you wish to message them. Examples include: scheduling weekly service calls; upcoming sales; new product announcements; birthday greetings; happy holidays wishes; satisfaction surveys; testimonial requests; service they should schedule.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We'll ask your customers how satisfied they are with your services and products. We then create a comprehensive report and discuss your company's strengths and weaknesses with you from the point of view of your customers. We offer recommendations for improvements and how to implement them.

Follow-up emails

We send your customers follow up emails when appropriate, using a dedicated company email address.

Requesting Google reviews

Does your business engage in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase business? Getting customer reviews is an essential practice that helps drive your website higher in search engine results. When we talk with your customers, we can request a Google review from them and follow up by emailing them your Google link.

Your customers' questions answered

When we call your customers, and they have questions and need follow up from you, their Superhero. We will research the answers with your staff and respond to your customers on your behalf.

Handling angry customer complaints

Has a customer ever gotten mad with you before? ...We didn't think so. But when it does happen, our Superheroes can take on the task of calling the dissatisfied customer, hearing them out, and resolving the issue on your behalf. We don't guarantee results, but we love the challenge and will gladly take it on!

Calls to close the sale

Do you have outstanding proposals or contracts? Do you want to move them into the "sales" column? Let us call those prospects for you and one way or another close the sale or get a definitive no, so you can move on to helping the next new customer. We do not do cold calling, but we're happy to follow up with potential new clients and sales for you.

Reporting your customer feedback to you

You need to maintain your Superhero status with your customers. We report their needs to you and recommend your next steps to improve your service, stay front and center in your customers' minds, and grow your business.

Hire more than an assistant... Hire a Superhero

Our three packages are based on the number of customers you have whom you would like to reach on a regular basis. Our formula allows for 2-4 initial touches per customer per year, sometimes more, depending on how much follow up your customers need. Check out our packages below to see which one best suits your needs:


Superhero Suzy, your secretary's secretary

Package includes 100-200 touches / month

Ideal for businesses with up to 1000 customers


Superhero LuLu, your perfect customer liaison

Package includes 250-350 touches / month

Ideal for businesses with up to 2000 customers


Superhero Ellen, your business executive

Package includes 400-500 touches / month

Ideal for businesses with up to 5000 customers

Nancy Scott of Nancy's Concierge Services

"I own a home watch and party planning business. The In Touch Solutions' Superheroes call my clients regularly. They report customer satisfaction back to us so I found out one area where my business could do better. We were able to make a small adjustment and improve our services. The result? Customer retention PLUS Donna's Superhero team got referral business for us!" - Nancy Scott, Nancy's Concierge Services

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