• Security from hackers 33% 33%
  • Updates for plugins and WordPress 33% 33%
  • Backup my website 34% 34%

Which is most important to you?

Website security, updates, backups, oh my! Maintaining a website over the long run requires that you consider the many important jobs that must be done on a daily or weekly basis. Monitoring your website’s security, updating your plugins, and performing a backup of your database and files are some of the most vital tasks your website needs. Click on which of the below website actions is most important to you at this time:

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The Importance of Website Security, Updates, Backups, and More…

Which is most important – website security, updates, backup? The answer of course is that all are equally important. Moreover, all of these vital website tasks are interrelated and rely on each other. Without regular plugin updates, for example, your website security is vulnerable to hackers. Before performing your plugin updates you have to backup your website. And there’s more: if anything goes wrong with your website, you have to be able to restore it to a previous, intact version. And what if you have spam comments on your blogs? You need to clear them from the site on a regular, consistent basis.

This fun little poll serves to get you thinking about some of the components that go into keeping your website secure, up to date, and backed up. When you vote above, the links will take you to informative pages that explain the concepts of website security, updates and backup. The poll is updated each time someone votes, so come back often to check the results and see which functions are currently most important to your business colleagues.