Write My Content

When you know what to say, but don’t quite know how to say it, let our content developers put your thoughts to words. Strong and succinct website content helps visitors navigate your website. They will stay on your site longer and return to your site more often when you keep your website content fresh and relevant to your visitors’ needs. Relevant content also draws the attention of search engines, which will in turn send more visitors to your website.

What are the most important elements when you write my content?

There are many important things to consider when writing your content.

What Are Your Goals?

We help you determine what you want your visitors to do. Then, we write to that end. Before we begin the writing process, you have to ask specific questions about your writing goals. Do you want your audience to buy something? Connect with you on social media? Sign up for your e-newsletters? Download your recipes? Call you and ask about your services? What are the ultimate goals for your audience?

We Write for Your Audience

Consider who will be looking for the content you have to offer. Are they older, younger, both? What is their demographic? Are they business people, homeowners, patients, teenagers? Do they have special interests? What are they looking for? We write your content to answer their questions. We speak to their needs to help you gain more and more followers.

For more insight on how to hone in on your target audience, universities and colleges often have the best advice. Check out these articles: Targeting Your Audience by the University of Maryland University College offers some good questions to ask when determining your audience. The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill adds additional questions so we can really hone in on who your primary and secondary audiences are. Writing Commons offers a funny video on how to consider your audience.
Once we have your target audiences all set, we need to write your content so that your audience will find you.

Search Engine Optimization

When you tell us, “Write my content,” we mix Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, in to the content. SEO basically means optimizing your website so that search engines find you first when visitors “google” a search term. When writing website content, it means that we choose phrases that your readers will be looking for, and include those phrases in the content writing. For example, the keyword phrase for this page is “write my content.” We include the phrase in the page content. We also include other phrases relevant to website content development in the titles, headings, and throughout this page.
If you’re new to the SEO concept, check out MOZ’s The Beginners Guide to SEO and learn more than you’d ever want to about the SEO steps we take when we write your content.

Add a “Call to Action.”

Now that you have your goals, audience, and SEO all set, what is the next step? Your visitors will learn so much from your website pages and blog posts. They will naturally want to know what to do next. We help you tell them.

Calls to Action are typically short and include a link, and sometimes a clickable button or other graphic, so your readers know what to do next.

How often do I need to write my content?

Content writing is an ongoing process.